HomeNow is here to help you as a landlord who wants to rent out your home in a safe and secure way. We are aware of the long and the time consuming process of renting out your home, that is when we step in to facilitate the work. Our idea is that HomeNow manages the contact and the rental process with the tenant in order to save your time.

You as a landlord sign an assignment agreement with HomeNow that gives us the right to manage the rental process and this is not a permanent commitment.

We know that it can be difficult to find the right tenant to match your requirement so HomeNow will only present tenants based on your wishes.

HomeNow requires that tenants must have a Swedish social security number and have a working contract during the entire rental period.

After showing your interest, you will be contacted by us within 24 hours for a first personal meeting where we will go through all information necessary, your requirements on the tenants as well as the rental process.

HomeNow arranges a total of three showings of your home. When we have a match and both parties are satisfied, HomeNow will issue an agreement that are signed by Swedish bank ID. HomeNow inspects the home upon moving in and moving out to ensure the home's condition.

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The process in 6 simple steps

First contact

After showing interest, we will contact you to get all information about your home.

Now the marketing process of your home begins!


The house is shown up to one week after the marketing. HomeNow organizes three viewing occasions.

The day after the showing HomeNow contacts all prospects.


After the showing HomeNow makes a background check of all prospects. Those who meet the requirements will be presented to you as Landlord.

The choice of tenant is always yours.


When the tenant has been selected, a contract is signed through a Swedish Bank ID.

Move-in day is planned!

Move in day

On the day of moving in, the home is inspected by HomeNow.

The first monthly rent is also paid out to you as a landlord!

Moving out day

On the day of moving out the condition of the home is inspected.

You as a landlord will get back your keys and home!