Terms and Conditions

1. Application

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by HomeNow Stockholm AB, org.nr 559244-5026, to private individuals who wish to rent out their home. These General Terms complete the regulations contained in the Assignment Agreement.

In the event of deviation between the regulations of the Assignment Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions, the Assignment Agreement shall take precedence.

2. Binding agreement

These General Terms and Conditions and the Assignment Agreement become binding when the customer signs the Assignment Agreement (physically or electronically).

3.The service

HomeNow offers landlords an opportunity to service-oriented, safe and reliable second-hand rental of their home. HomeNow handles the entire rental process for the landlord and acts as a link between the landlord and the tenant.

The service includes the following:

  • Advertising and contact with potential tenants
  • 3 showing occasions
  • Reference check up
  • Presentation of potential tenants for the landlord
  • Contract writing
  • Inspection in connection with moving in and out • Administration of rent payments during the rental period

4. Advertisment

HomeNow announces that the property is available for rent and handles all contact with potential tenants. The landlord must provide HomeNow with information about the home and is responsible for ensuring that the information in the advertisement is accurate and gives a true and fair view of the home.

5. Requirements for the tenant

HomeNow requires:

  • The tenant must be over 18 years of age.
  • The tenant must have a Swedish social security number.
  • The tenant must have an employment.

In addition, the landlord can make additional demands on potential tenants and in that case, it must be notified to HomeNow.

6. Reference Check up

HomeNow contacts the tenant's references, preferably the tenant's employer and any previous landlord, to verify the tenant's suitability.

7. Credit Check up

Prior to signing the contract, HomeNow also conducts credit check-ups to ensure the tenant's ability to pay.

8. Contract signing

HomeNow provides a rental contract signed by the landlord and the tenant. However, HomeNow is not a part of the agreement that is signed between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord is himself responsible for the choice of tenant and does so at his own risk. HomeNow takes no responsibility for the landlords choice of tenant.

9. Inspection

HomeNow undertakes the assignment to inspect the home together with the tenant upon moving in and out. In connection with this, HomeNow also issues a list of possible defects and damages both in the home and on furniture’s. In case of defects or damages in connection with the moving out, HomeNow represents the landlord in discussions about any compensation that the tenant must pay. The deposit is refunded to the tenant only after approved inspection.

10. Exclusivity

The landlord gives HomeNow exclusive rights to the assignment during the first two months of the Agreement. If the home is still not rented after the first two months, the landlord has the right to rent hire another supplier for the assignment.

In addition, the landlord undertakes not to contact any of the potential tenants presented to try to circumvent HomeNow. If the landlord rents out the apartment to any potential tenant previously presented by HomeNow, HomeNow is entitled to commission for this rental. The above does not apply to cases where the landlord has known the tenant before and has supporting evidence.

11. Commission

HomeNow's commission for the assignment is only paid upon successful rental. The commission amounts to 5% of the desired monthly rent and is paid in connection with the rental payment.

12. Payment of rent and rental guarantee

HomeNow manages the tenant's rent payments to the landlord. The tenant must pay the first rental payment as well as the deposit no later than on the day of moving in. The deposit is paid to HomeNow and is kept during the rental period.

The rent is paid monthly in advance to the landlord, after deduction of HomeNow's commission, and is independent of whether the tenant's payment has been received.

In case of non-payment of the rent by the tenant, HomeNow guarantees a (1) month rent payment which is then deducted from the deposit. If it becomes clear that the tenant is entitled to a reduction of rent or damages from the landlord, a refund may be made from the rent that has been paid to the landlord.

13. Agreement validity

This Agreement applies from the date that the Assignment Agreement is signed by both Parties and as long as there is a valid agreement.

14. Amendments

Any amendment to the agreement shall be made in writing and signed by both Parties in order to be valid.

15. Applicable law and dispute

Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement. Disputes arising from the Agreement shall finally be decided by the Swedish public court.